mushroom infused coffee.

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endorf coffee results from a perfect fusion between the 3d wave micro roasting culture and groundbreaking mycology research.

60% guatemala (bourbon variety from antigua, washed process, grown at elevations of 1500 to 1900 meters) 40% brazil (red catuai variety from the cerrado mineiro region, natural process, grown on the cachoeira farm by producer danilo barbosa, at an elevation of 1100 meters) the beans are carefully roasted to a dark brown, balancing acidity and bitterness. this makes the blend perfect for both filtered and espresso preparations.

endorf's coffee is more than just delicious - it also contains reishi and cordyceps mushrooms, which provide immune support, stress reduction, increased energy, and improved performance. It's a wellness experience in every cup.

one unique characteristic of our coffee is the slight oily sheen you'll notice on the beans. this results from our innovative method of steaming the coffee beans with the mushroom extract. this oil carries the essential, oil-soluble nutrients from the mushrooms directly into your brew, enriching every cup with health-boosting compounds. this contributes to the rich, full-bodied texture and depth of flavor in your cup of endorf coffee.

consult with with a health care professional before using if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication.