design & development.

in the early days of thinking about our products and how they should serve the runner, we agreed that we should take a more holistic approach. running is much more than a world record or a personal best. for many more people, running is part of a routine, a rhythm, a lifestyle. our products will need to fit into that lifestyle.

so before design, we started to map out our matrix of needs identified with runners. based off of that matrix we identified some key initial products to start working on. still we weren't designing. we were trying out shapes and forms; geometry of our components.

only after defining the best combination of those components and geometry, we started to look at how they would end up together, as a running shoe. at this stage we we're looking at 3 to 4 shoes to serve key needs.


'i love how we are working together on this project. the concept, design and its development are a fluid process, we truly work as a team. it shows how a small team of dedicated and passionated people can build something really special.'

aisha kuijk, design & development.

nature is our greatest inspriation.

from the soles of our shoes to the box they will be delivered in.

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we carved and carved. and then started 3D printing our components until we landed at the geometry we needed to go to molding prototypes.

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shapes and forms, from carved models, to 3D printing, to PU molding, to finally creating foam formulations.

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