this is 'our' running. what's yours?

we know running, its ability to expose yourself, its sincerity in giving you back what you put into it.

we believe in painful legs, sweaty eyes, feet hitting the ground a million times to the rhythm of a song that only you know.

we believe in the hours of training in silence, alone with your thoughts; in the bubble where only you exist, as if you were on an island, in another dimension.

running is made of rituals like coffee in the morning, tired eyes, shorts and shirt waiting next to the bed, and you going out in the dark when the world is still sleeping.

we fight for the environment: we are all called to contribute and live in a world where the human being is not at the center but equal part of the environment.

we believe that running apparel and shoes are just tools; to set you free and help you get better, faster. we work every day for just that.

we know that every second and every meter create a better version of yourself.

we love it when the air fills your lungs, your heart pounding in your throat, and you feel completely alive. a discovery outside of your comfort zone.

we celebrate every achievement, even if it’s only a new starting point.

we love getting lost because without a destination we enjoy the journey more.

we always look ahead, but learn from what we leave behind, step by step.

we believe that running is not just a sport but a way of life: the runner never stops running, even when he’s sitting down.

we believe that running is substance, not appearance. when you look in the mirror after a run, you look ten years older, but you're happy.

we believe that running is democratic. it doesn't matter how fast or how far you run. it doesn't matter if you're young or old, if you're fat or thin. running doesn't give a shit if you're pretty or ugly, if you're rich or poor.

if you are not afraid of sweat and fatigue, then you’re a runner.

running is not for those who fake it and pose.

running is ugly. 

'our manifesto is the foundation of everything we do, it's our idea of what running means. no bullsh*t, just authenticity. our manifesto defines us as runners and as brand.'

this is our passion.

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